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What maintenance comes with an asphalt driveway

Maintaining your driveway is not just a cost-friendly way of avoiding major renovation but it is a necessity. A good driveway reflects a good environment, a well-maintained driveway emphasizes reliability and attention to detail. There are many minor and major repairs that can be done to avoid any major mishaps. In this blog, we will be discussing the ways you can maintain your driveway and avoid running into any issues in the long run.

The cracks in your driveway are no longer an issue!

Cracks that appear in the asphalt can be a gateway to major problems that may occur over time. These minor cracks allow water to seep through and cause additional damage to the driveway. If these are not fixed in time they can cause an unsightly appearance and cause extensive maintenance with huge bills in the long run.

With years of experience under the belt, we provide an easy solution to your problems. By pouring hot rubber sealant into the cracks and crevices that lay on your driveway the cracks are sealed. This provides an easy fix without going through the process of renewing the entire driveway. If you have similar problems, Good! you have come to the right place at the right time. It’s never too late to take up the initiative to fix your driveway, It only gets better!

Hand-Applied coal tar emulsion sealer.

Your driveway needs protection against not just water but also gasoline and oil that can damage the asphalt. These can weaken your driveway which can result in many cracks that may surface over time. If there is no layering on your driveway many potholes might appear resulting in additional problems. This can be a gateway to major maintenance issues related to your driveway.

By hand applying coal tar emulsion with care to your driveway, we ensure that no oil, water, or gasoline invades your asphalt. This sealant ensures that no liquid can seep through and cause any issues to your driveway. It is a quick and easy process that can one day save you a lot of money and headache. We ensure quality and longevity with minimal repair.

Driveway pothole repair

Potholes are a poor sight to behold, these provide an uneven and unsafe surface for your passage. These are one of the most common defects that occur on the driveway. Their sizes can vary from small holes to huge creators. If small size potholes are left unchecked these can later become larger in diameter. These potholes can trap water inside them allowing water seepage that can additionally weaken your driveway.

In order to repair these defects, we dig out the excess rocks and debris that may be laying in the potholes. After the potholes have been cleared a mix of stone and asphalt is added to the hole. This ensures that the asphalt binds with the new materials and is further smoothened with heavy machinery.


A good-looking driveway is which has had proper maintenance, we believe in quality and preservation. Having minor maintenance is better than having the whole driveway renewed. Supreme Asphalt has highly experienced professionals in maintaining asphalt driveways in Nova Scotia that take care of your driveway to ensure your safety. A driveway bridges your home to the world and the stronger it is the more confident you are.


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