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5 Ways to Improve Your Parking Lot

As much as people hate parking, they love being able to park without any extra trouble. As an owner of a commercial property, you are tasked with the complicated endeavor of aiding customers and visitors have a pleasant parking experience. Well, the good thing is, it’s not just your customers that benefit from a well-maintained parking lot. A well-organized parking lot enhances the appeal and visual appearance of your business.

If you’re looking for some fail-proof ways to improve the quality of your parking lot, Supreme Asphalt Maintenance has got your back:

First, consider your facilities

Just like everything else, the first and most obvious step is to come up with a good plan to improve your parking lot. A part of this process involves understanding the facilities available to you. For example, if you are limited in space, you may want to consider adding a second level to your lot. Sure, this isn’t a cheap option but it most certainly will fit double the number of cars and will make it easier you’re your customers to find a spot.

If you’re located in an area that gets a lot of sun during the day, consider adding a roof to provide some shade to parked vehicles. Your customers wouldn’t have to worry about returning to an oversized oven if they spend a little extra time. Safety is of great importance to every car owner, so consider installing security cameras throughout your parking lot.

Second, improve curb appeal

One way to improve your parking lot’s attractiveness is to improve its curb appeal. This means painting walls, painting trims and landscaping. Pick colours wisely and try to avoid darker colours in most places – they make the space look more cramped!

Plant trees, shrubs or flowers where there is space, and use an attractive design for the pedestrian pavements. However, too much of something can be bad! So choose your placements carefully.

Landscaping can work wonders in bridging the gap between looking like a barren abandoned land and a well-maintained professional parking lot. When done right, it will transform your parking lot entirely.

Third, invest in signage

One way to improve your parking lot is to invest in signage. Adding proper signs and replacing old – worn out ones will give ease navigation. Your customers will be able to find exits and parking spots faster, which means that they would have to spend less time at the parking lot.

Make sure that your signs are aligned properly, to avoid unnecessary confusions. Remember how you felt the last time a sign pointed towards an exit that wasn’t there?

Fourth, ensure your parking lines are visible

Faded lines make your parking lot look outdated and generally gives a bad first impression about your business (essentially, your customers will be at your parking lot before the inside of your building). Not to mention, poorly visible parking borders mean that your customers will find it harder to identify a parking spot. If you have reserved parking spaces for pregnant or disabled customers, make sure you have it painted well and clear on the parking spot.

If you wish to have your parking lines, disabled/ pregnant individual signs marked or renewed on your parking lot, Supreme Asphalt Maintenance is your one stop shop. We maintain professionalism and quality of workmanship in every service we offer.

Fifth, have your asphalt well maintained with no cracks.

Cracks appear over time on every asphalt road, driveway or parking lot. The force exerted on the ground when braking or turning a vehicle causes the asphalt underneath to “budge” ever so slightly, influencing the formation of a crack. It is important to keep the asphalt of your parking lot is well maintained with no cracks or inconsistencies. Cracks and potholes in your parking lot can be unsafe for cars, while simultaneously ruining its appearance.

Cracks in asphalt must be treated quickly. Delaying the sealing process can often end up costing a lot more for repairs. This is because cracks in parking lot asphalt causes water to seep into the ground and, with continued exposure, can cause potholes and other unsafe conditions.

With many years of experience to back up skill, Supreme Asphalt Maintenance specializes in repairing asphalt parking lots and driveways. By pouring hot rubber crack sealant into cracks in your parking lot, Supreme Asphalt Maintenance will spare you the extra cost of having to run total repairs. That’s right! If you are quick enough, you can save a lot of money by choosing Supreme Asphalt hot rubber crack sealant to fix the cracks in your parking lot.


Maintaining your parking lot is a significant part of your business. Having an unsightly, unsafe parking lot will repel customers and decrease your overall revenue generation. Renewing your parking lines and repairing cracks are perhaps the two most significant obligations you owe your attractive, easy to navigate parking lot. Contact Supreme Asphalt Maintenance right away to have your markings repainted, or hot rubber sealant poured to seal the cracks.


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